Thank You Vets!

Thank You to all of our Veterans and Active Military for everything you do!

Veteran's Day Parade
Want to find out companies and restaurants giving their thanks click HERE

The Outer Banks Marathon was this past weekend and thousands poured onto our beautiful coast of the Outer Banks


Congratulations to all the runners
For the half marathon and full marathon results you can check them out HERE

NOW to the gossip of the weekend


We have Kim Kardashian falling right on her butt….. at least she has the extra padding

fe4a6ded1f6ea68efcca6b7e6afb31866e1ed151Watch the video HERE


This woman who took the now infamous video of Justin Bieber sleeping is revealing A LOT about her encounter with him, including info on “Little Biebs”
Read all the dirty details HERE


Then You’ve gotta see this AWESOME video of some Marines dance battling to Michael Jackson‘s Billy Jean!


The U.S. Marine Corps celebrated its 238th birthday over the weekend and there’s a video making the rounds online of a bunch of Marines getting into a DANCE OFF to “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. But two of them in particular are OUTSTANDING.
Watch it HERE