Expect boats close to shore during annual survey of beaches off Nags Head

One of the boats that will be working close to shore during the survey. [image courtesy Town of Nags Head]

Survey crews with McKim and Creed are conducting hydrographic and land-based beach surveys along Nags Head starting this week and over the next few weeks as part of the town’s annual beach monitoring work.

You may see their employees walking on the beach or driving an ATV or pick up truck to transport equipment or personnel.

Also, their hydrographic surveys will be conducted using vessels approximately 22-to-28 feet in length, so don’t be surprised to see a boat coming in close to shore at times. They are just getting readings for their surveys.

The captain is experienced and will use the utmost caution, but please give him a little space if the boat is close to shore.

All vessels and land-based vehicles will be identified with the McKim and Creed logo.

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