Beach104’s Food in the News

Food in the News is a common topic on Beach104’s Moose and Jody Show. One of our foremost experts on the matter is Mobile Weather Patrol 4. (MWP4) It’s quite common after he gives the climate conditions for Pungo, he’ll share a nugget of culinary wisdom. He’s the one who broke “The Great Lemon Kit Kat Story.” That’s why this assignment should be right down 4’s alley. We’ll be needing his take on the Kit Kat Mini’s and Kit Kat Cones. It’s Kit Kat’s first foray into the ice cream world and we need to know how they’ve done. MWP 4 is just another example why you want to catch the Moose and Jody show Monday through Friday from 6:00 to 10:00 on Beach104 and with the Beach104 app.