A Big Rain Is Upon Us- A Few Reminders for OBX Visitors



You’ve heard the Beach104cast. A significant rain is upon us. When rain comes to the Outer Banks, vacationers have certain instinctive reactions to precipitation.

However due to Covid-19 this year is very different. Note the list.
1. The Aquarium is closed
2. The Movie Theater is closed
3. The Bowling Alley is closed
4. Laser Tag is closed
5. The Bypass (158) is open. But, please have a plan. Bad stuff can happen if the road is flooded with vehicles in wet conditions, and no one knows where they’re going. Staying in a beach cottage can still be fun and relaxing during times of crummy weather. A book can be read, games can be played, and conversations can be had. Another positive about the soggy forecast. You won’t have to worry about adding to your sunburn. The weather won’t be ideal, but great OBX memories can still be made. Now go out and make them in a legal and safe manner.