Bagging Grass is a Bum Trip

The other Day on Beach104’s Moose and Jody Show, Moose noted he cut the grass recently and had to empty the bag six times. I told him bagging grass was for suckers. Moose mentioned he bagged because he was trying to prevent thatch. He said “thatch” as if it was a yard condition that would force mandatory banishment from his neighborhood. Moose’s thatch phobia inspired me to research said phenomenon. I’ve discovered according to the good folks at Scotts, “Contrary to the popular myth, leaving clippings on the lawn does not cause thatch as long as you mow regularly at the right height.” So now Moose can go ahead and put the bagger back in the shed forever, or if he really wants to make a statement, he can just throw the dadgum thing away. Cause bagging grass is for suckers.