A Few Saturday Night Storm Thoughts and Speculations from Beach104’s Jody O’Donnell

It’s been a stormy Saturday. The Outer Banks is buzzing with Isaias thoughts. Here’s a few random ponders of my own.
1. I won’t speculate on the track of the storm, but I will speculate that some of the vacationers arriving today may have to trek back towards Elizabeth City.
2. The silver lining in this potential scenario is that Elizabeth City’s known as “The Harbor of Hospitality.”
3. It’s been quite a year to say the least, if a giant random meteor landed unexpectedly tonight on the Outer Banks I’d probably yawn.
4. I don’t panic over storms, but I do give them the respect they deserve. Be smart!
5. With all the stuff happening at the moment,  National Mustard Day 2020 turned out to be a real dud.