Kitten thrown from car rescued on Wright Memorial Bridge

Kitten rescued after being thrown out of a car window. [Facebook photo]

A tiny gray kitten thrown from a car on the Wright Memorial Bridge Friday morning was rescued by a Dare County EMS worker who happened to be driving over at the time.

Sarah Koch said her daughter was driving across the bridge when she saw a white car and then a kitten skidding across the road and climbing onto the expansion crack to hide. She stopped and rescued the kitten, who had some facial injuries but seemed to be okay.

Koch works in rescue and immediately contacted Rachael Stone with For Pitties Sake in Currituck, and Currituck County Animal Control officers.

Koch said the intent appeared to be throwing kittens in the water, but the little gray one missed.

“We all know cats NEVER have one kitten,” she said.

Authorities searched the water several times but never found other kittens.

The little gray girl, though, is going to be just fine and already has a new home with another Dare County EMS worker, Michelle May.

“She has a quiet, peaceful, forever home to rest in while she heals. She will be spoiled with love and affection always and she will never be treated poorly again,” May said in a local community Facebook post.

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