Island Free Press: Worrell 1000 catamaran race postponed until 2022

2019’s Worrell 1000 racers launch from ORV Ramp 49 in Frisco after an overnight stop. [courtesy Island Free Press]

In light of the uncertainty linked to the current COVID-19 international health crisis, the Worrell 1000 Organizing Authority, in consultation with the PRO of the Worrell 1000, has unanimously made the decision to postpone the 2021 running of the race, which was scheduled to take place from May 10-22, 2021, until May of 2022.

The next Worrell 1000 race will be held from May 9-21, 2022.

“We all are very disappointed to not be able to hold the 2021 Worrell 1000 Race. After many months of most activities being cancelled, suspended and postponed throughout the world, we know that all Worrell 1000 Race participants were very much looking forward to being able to get together and take part in an exciting race. We have already started work to ensure that the 2022 race celebrates the resurgence of normality in the world and can welcome back this exciting race on an international scale,” explains Robert Feldman, Member and Spokesman for the Worrell 1000 Organizing Authority.

“With the unknowns that exist in immunization availability, international travel restrictions, and in consideration of the investment that each team, sponsor and race official makes to participate in the race, the risk of a last-minute Covid-19 exposure-forced cancellation, or even worse a cancellation required because of a Covid-19 infection during the race, is not acceptable.”

Feldman added, “The Organizing Authority and Race Officials of the Worrell 1000 Race would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all members of the registered teams, sponsors, providers and fans for the trust they have placed in us. We share their disappointment, but we will continue to keep everyone advised as we progress towards 2022 and to sounding the starting horn at Hollywood Beach. We are looking forward to once again running a race that will be a memorable success.”

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