Meteor lights up sky from New Jersey to North Carolina

NASA image of a fireball from a past meteor shower.

A large meteor streaked across the sky along the East Coast Monday evening, prompting two dozen reports to the American Meteor Society with an hour.

The fireball was seen from New Jersey to North Carolina right around 7:30 p.m. People reported it as very bright, moving from left to right and seeming to dissolve or flame out at the end. Color reports varied from bright white to orange, red, yellow and ending in green.

One observer wrote it looked like a “trail of fire in the sky.”

The American Meteor Society log had recorded 24 sightings within an hour of the meteor, with most of the reports from North Carolina and Virginia.

According to the society, fireballs are very bright meteors, about as bright as Venus in the morning and evening skies.

About 10 to 15 meteorites fall to Earth each day, but sightings are rare since streaking fireballs often fall over the ocean, or during daylight hours when they can’t be seen.

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