Celebrate ‘Mardi Paws’ with the new rescue in town

Treat time at the Grandy Beagle Rescue and Sanctuary!

There’s a new rescue in town.

Currituck County residents Lisa Darden and Susan Parker share a love for the beagle breed and launched a rescue last year to help save and adopt beagles and other hunting dog breeds in the area.

Discouraged by the number of hounds abandoned or killed over lack of hunting skills or age, Grandy Beagle Rescue offers owners the option to rehome any unwanted hunting dogs.

On her property in Grandy, Darden has pens and a yard for the dogs the rescue brings in, like Neveah, who was believed to have been thrown from a moving vehicle.

On a recent weekend, the rescue had about a dozen dogs in their care, some local and some from as far away as Louisiana and Florida. Darden and Parker know each of their personalities and clearly love their charges, so much so that some dogs end up staying at the sanctuary for good.

Both women have worked in animal rescue, but Grandy Beagle Rescue was formed officially in September and has gained nonprofit status. It’s still new to the scene, though and still getting started. Donations, however, have been scarce since the pandemic began.

Among the dogs now at the sanctuary, some are heartworm positive and others need spayed and neutered. Many have ongoing medical needs.

To help get the rescue established, there will be a “Mardi Paws” fundraiser tonight at 6 p.m. at Barry’s Walnut Island Restaurant. There will be raffles, a silent auction and dinner and drink specials.

Safety precautions will be in place and masks are required to enter the building.

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