When’s my stimmy getting here? For some around mid-week

Screenshot of State Employees Credit Union website, with update on the next coronavirus stimulus payments.

When is that next stimulus payment hitting your bank?

The White House said direct deposits from the latest COVID-19 relief package signed into law Thursday by President Joe Biden could start showing up in American’s bank accounts this weekend.

But some financial institutions said it will likely be the middle of this week when customers should see the money.

State Employees Credit Union of North Carolina, and affiliated Local Government Federal Credit Union, said they anticipate receiving the “Economic Impact Payments” on Tuesday, and that members should have the funds available starting Wednesday.

Other banks that serve the Outer Banks and northeastern North Carolina had not laid out exact dates for when the payments will appear in their customers accounts.

ABC News reported President Biden has promised Americans waiting for the $1,400 checks included in his massive COVID relief bill won’t see the same delays many faced last time.

The IRS is now working to send more payments directly to bank accounts and on Monday will launch an online tool to track payments.

For those who do not use Direct Deposit for their tax refunds, paper checks will be mailed. It took several weeks for those checks to arrive from the first stimulus packages that were approved under the Trump Administration.

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