Beach104 Listener Makes Interesting Find Next to Dead Whale

Beach104 listener Ashley Scott was walking the Pea Island beach with her husband on October 16th when they saw a dead whale. Seeing a beached dead whale was strange enough, but then they spotted some Apple Airpods next to the whale. The case had a barnacle growing on it, and the Airpods had been infiltrated by sand and sea water. Then, to the Scott’s amazement, the Apple Airpods still worked. They’ve deduced someone named Emily lost them. But they don’t know the last name. The case which held the Airpods is somewhat unique so any potential Emily’s  would have to describe it in order to get the Airpods back.  If you’re the Emily in question please text Beach104 at 1-252-449-4104 and we’ll get you reunited with your Airpods.