Bat Man Makes His OBX Presence Felt

When Bat Man isn’t fighting crime in Gotham he’s always enjoyed a quick trip to the Outer Banks. That’s where he struck up an unlikely friendship with Beach104’s Jody O’Donnell. “I remember about ten years ago in July the Caped Crusader called the morning show and said he wanted to go to the beach, but he thought it was too hot for his normal outfit, so I suggested he hit the beach wearing his experimental Bat Speedo,” Jody said.
Bat Man admitted he was worried the slim swim attire would be too revealing but everything worked out great. “Michael Phelps even called me and wanted to use my Bat Speedo for the Olympics,” Bat Man noted. “But, I couldn’t part with my only Bat Speedo.”
Long story short, that’s why Bat Man has endorsed Beach104 for Best Radio Station on the Beach and Jody O’Donnell for Best Local Radio Personality. “I know voting wraps up Thursday November 4th at 5:00pm, but I’ve been voting every day,” said Bat Man. “Voting’s so easy, you go to then click on the Best of the Beach banner, scroll down to the Around the Beach section, click there, and you’ll see where to vote for Beach104 and Jody O’Donnell.”