Bobby Bedbugs from Wicked Tuna Outer Banks to be on Beach104’s Jody in the Morning

Wicked Tuna Outer Banks will celebrate its 100th episode this Sunday night at 9:00 on National Geographic Channel. Captain Bobby Earl, who captains the Reel E Bugging, will discuss the milestone with Beach104’s Jody in the Morning on Friday at 7:40.
Earl got the nickname “Bobby Bedbugs” because he was an exterminator before he became a full time fisherman. The current Wicked Tuna Outer Banks season has three more episodes with Britton Shackelford’s Doghouse in the top spot. Earl, so far, hasn’t given any spoilers about Sunday’s special 100th episode other than saying, “It will be epic.” Beach104’s Jody in the Morning will try to extract more info from Earl starting Friday at 7:40.