Corolla Wild Horse Fund introduces Crow, unannounced foal born in early spring

Crow photographed on June 29, 2022. [Courtesy Corolla Wild Horse Fund]

Excited to finally share a photo of the one remaining unannounced foal — meet Crow!


This colt was born in early spring but his parents very rarely come out of the marsh. They were on the beach Wednesday because the biting flies have been really bad. It was a pleasant surprise to see them out there and get some good pictures. We’ve been keeping track of him through supportive property owners who send photos and updates as they see him.

So far in 2022 we’ve had six foals born, with five surviving — Charlie (died from bacterial septicemia in April), Cádiz, Cedar, Crow, Cyclone, and Cricket. We name the foals alphabetically by year so it’s easier to remember how old they are once they’re grown up. Hard to say if we’ll have more born this year, but fingers crossed!

The current herd size is 106, and our population agreement, which is signed by CWHF, Currituck County, the state of NC, and US Fish and Wildlife, is no less than 110 and no more than 130, so we have room to grow.

Don’t forget to always give foals plenty of space (50ft at minimum) and remember they can be very unpredictable. At this age they are curious and becoming independent, but they still don’t have the maturity or experience to really take care of themselves or make great decisions. Kids, right? Watch from a distance so these special foals can grow up safe, and stay wild and free forever!


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