Fire hydrant flow testing underway in downtown Manteo

The Town of Manteo Water Department will be assisting with hydrant flow testing in downtown Manteo this Tuesday, October 25th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The hydrants are located on Sir Walter Raleigh Street, Old Tom Avenue, Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Fernando Street, and Agona Street.

While the water delivered to you is normally clear, occasional pressure changes or fire hydrant use can cause discoloration due to mineral sediments in water pipes. Though the water may be discolored, it is safe to drink. However, until the water runs clear, it is advisable to avoid washing clothes, especially white fabrics.

If you experience a problem with colored water coming from your tap, first run your COLD-water tap (preferably from a bathtub spigot or faucet without an aerator) for up to five minutes.

Please call Town Hall at 252-473-2133 if your water remains discolored or if you have any questions.


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