New Dare county recreation, community map now live

New Dare county recreation, community map now live

The Dare County Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Department has announced that its Community Map that is located on the Dare County website,, has now been divided into two new maps: a revamped Community Map as well as a newly created Recreation Map.

Recreation Map

The brand-new Recreation Map—which can be accessed by visiting or clicking the button below—allows Dare County residents, visitors and property owners to enter their location and discover an assortment of nearby attractions and amenities, including area beach accesses, lifeguard stations, public boat launches, ORV ramps, fishing piers, playgrounds, dog parks, picnic areas and sports facilities, as well as local historical sites, museums and other attractions.

The Recreation Map also makes it possible for users to easily determine where the nearest beach and sound accesses are located, as well as whether a specific access features additional amenities, such as restrooms, showers, lifeguards, handicap ramps or viewing platforms, parking spaces and walkways over the sand dunes, among others.

In addition to the previously mentioned recreational attractions, the new Recreation Map also now includes an array of local walking, hiking and paddling trails throughout Dare County, along with information about each trail’s length, difficulty rating and whether dogs are permitted upon them. To access the new Recreation Map, click here.

Community Map  

The recently revamped Community Map—which can be accessed by visiting or clicking the button below—allows users to access an abundance of important information for Dare County citizens, including the location of local hospitals and healthcare facilities, town halls and administrative offices, police and fire departments, post offices, trash and recycling centers, libraries, meeting rooms and community centers, among others.

The updated Community Map also provides detailed information for citizens regarding hurricane evacuation routes and ferry schedules, as well as how to contact local government officials and pay taxes and water bills. To access the Community Map, click here.

In addition to providing Dare County residents, visitors and property owners with access to a wealth of information about the wide array of attractions and amenities that are located in their area of the Outer Banks, these two maps also make it possible for local municipalities—as well as property management companies and other businesses operating within the hospitality and recreation industries—to embed individual links to a specific type of attraction or amenity (such as lifeguard locations, beach accesses, trails, etc.) on their respective websites.

“This new feature will allow organizations to quickly relay specific information about our community to their guests and users,” says Dare County GIS Analyst Kristen Stilson. “These maps can now be recycled over and over again to suit a variety of needs.”

For more information about Dare County’s revamped Community Map and brand-new Recreation Map, please contact Dare County GIS Coordinator Greg Ball at 252-475-5831 or or click the buttons above to access the maps.