Wolfinger-Jones family fund established at Outer Banks Community Foundation

Wolfinger-Jones family fund established at Outer Banks Community Foundation

A new donor-advised fund has been established at the Outer Banks Community Foundation by Nags Head residents Tony and Tracy Jones. Grants will be awarded from the new Wolfinger-Jones Family Fund for causes the Joneses are passionate about. Tony and Tracy come to the Outer Banks from northern Virginia and are intent on continuing their tradition of philanthropy and volunteerism here.

“I have been a visitor to the Outer Banks for 50+ years, and some of my earliest memories are here,” wrote Tracy. “I grew up surf-fishing with my Dad, and I joined the NCBBA in my early 20s to spend more time exploring our beautiful beaches. When Tony and I had our own kids we would come every summer, spending priceless time with our family. So our kids have grown up here, too.”

“It’s clear to me now how much this area means to me—it has always been a constant in my life and I have so many beautiful memories,” Tracy continued.  “I feel at peace and grounded here. The next logical next step to becoming part of our Outer Banks community is to start giving back to this incredible place that has given us so much joy. We’re excited to work with Outer Banks Community Foundation to understand the nonprofit community here and learn where our gifts may do the most good. Our goal is to positively improve lives in Dare County and the Outer Banks.”

The new fund’s principal is invested, so that grants will be awarded to support local causes for generations to come. Endowment funds have been created over the years by individuals, families, businesses, nonprofits, civic groups, and government agencies for causes they are passionate about. All funds give money back to the community in grants or scholarship awards. Funds are created to memorialize loved ones, allow donors to give anonymously, build resources for unmet need areas, and much more.

“I would encourage anyone whose life has been touched in a positive way by the Outer Banks—whether you are a visitor or a full-time resident—to consider giving back through the Outer Banks Community Foundation. Your generosity will have a lasting impact.”