OBX poet Lorraine Henrie Lins’ ‘Without the Water’ set for March release

OBX poet Lorraine Henrie Lins’ ‘Without the Water’ set for March release

Kelsay Books presents Lorraine Henrie Lins’ Without the Water, available March 2023 

Because we are born without the ability to understand grief, it becomes a lifelong learning process. The poems in this new collection of poetry by Lorraine Henrie Lins honors the grieving and individual sadness that is carried from the loss of a parent, a friend, a childhood, even a stray dog. They invite the reader to share a journey of self-reflection and self-compassion, sometimes the most difficult gift one can give themselves. The poems speak in a language of ‘why,’ where the rebirthing of memories help to understand the journey to living with—in spite of—grief.   

“These poems remind us that a life lived long enough will endure many tragedies,” adds Camille Norvaisas, author of Rare as the Kotuku, “and with this collection, we’re invited to honor them with grace.” 

The book’s title is drawn from “Moon Jellies,” a bittersweet poem about tiny jellyfish and a young boy’s willingness to tender these delicate beings to their rightful place, having learned that they breathe by taking in oxygen from the seawater, and on dry land, it can no longer live.  

…but you can’t 

keep it forever, they need the water 

they die without the water.

Such a sweet misunderstanding and willingness to rescue, most likely, already dead sea creatures and honor their fragility. 

Gerry LaFemina, writer, musician and author of Baby Steps in Doomsday Prepping, says of Lins’ poetry, “If we go to poetry (as I do) to be reminded of the emotional complexity that is the human condition, to find comfort in the shared experiences of grief and joy wrought in language, then Lorraine Henrie Lins’s new book should be on your to-read list.”  

 “A pensive mood pervades Lorraine Henrie Lins’s latest poetry collection,” says Elvis Alves, author of Blackfish, goes on to add, “This is due to her deliberate intention to call you into the home that she meticulously builds with words. As a visitor, she allows you to take note of the shapes light makes, the multiple layers of relationships, and of things gone but still present (if only in memories). You are grateful for this because in showing her life, Lorraine makes you more aware of your own life. Only a master poet can do this, and Lorraine succeeds at it.”  

Former Pennsylvania county poet laureate Lorraine Henrie Lins is the author of five books of poetry. Her work is widely published, including the American Poetry Journal, Isele Magazine, Philadelphia Stories and the Journal of New Jersey Poets—as well as a small graffiti poster in New Zealand. When Lins is not savoring her writing days along the coastal shores of North Carolina, she mentors new and emerging poets.  

 Look for Without the Water at better bookstores, through your favorite online book dealers or by contacting the publisher/poet directly.