Local poet to launch her fifth book during National Poetry Month

Local poet to launch her fifth book during National Poetry Month

Kelsay Books publications, in coordination with the Island Bookstores, present the official launch and book signing of Lorraine Henrie Lins’Without the Water.

This event will coincide with National Poetry month and will feature a signing and meet-and-greet with the author, as well as a brief reading from the new collection.

This will be the author’s first book written in her new home along the shoreline of North Carolina. “It’s been an interesting crossroads of writing.” Henrie Lins says, “After leaving a home that held a lifetime of milestones, it was an adjustment—and as gorgeous and indulgent as these sun-drenched days and salted nights can be—there was a certain grieving that began to emerge in my writing.” She went on to add, “A cathartic process had begun, a squaring-off of those losses and pains that may have previously escaped my pen.” She went on to explain how the book honors the unanswered sadness that one can carry from the death of a parent, a friend, a hometown, a childhood, even a stray dog. Her hope is that these poems, either individually or as a collection, will invite her readers to open a journey of their own; one of self-reflection and self-compassion, often “the most difficult gift one can give themselves.”

The book launch and signing will take place on Wednesday, April 19th at 7:00 p.m. at Lovie’s Salon in Duck.  When asked about holding the event outside the traditional bookstore location, Henrie Lins grinned, “Why not?  Lovies is exactly the vibe I wanted for the opening of this book. There’s a wholeness to the space, a calm respite that will give these poems room to be read in public for the first time.” she said, explaining her decision. “I liked the idea of pushing outside the expectation a little for this book—like using a window instead of a door.  I was hesitant to even run the idea by her,” referring to Alicia Arranz, owner of Lovies Salon, “but she was so open to the idea and really embraced it, I knew I’d made the right decision.”

“Lorraine’s poetry has this sense of resonation – real, authentic, honest and relatable.” Arranz said, and went on to add, “she’s got the ability to open someone with just her words.”  Lovies Salon is located in Suite 15 of Scarborough Faire in Duck, 1177 Duck Road, 27949.

The Island Bookstore (Duck location, adjacent to Lovies,) one of the cosponsors of the event, will extend their store hours from 5:00-7:00 p.m. the night of the event to accommodate those wishing to purchase Without the Water. Henrie Lins’ previous books will be available for purchase, as well.

For information on the reading, visit the author’s website:  www.LorraineHenrieLins.com.

Look for Without the Water, at the Island Bookstore (Duck, Corolla or Kitty Hawk locations,) through Amazon or any of your favorite online book dealers, or by contacting the publisher/poet directly