College of The Albemarle receives $100,000 for Sentara scholars

College of The Albemarle receives $100,000 for Sentara scholars

Sentara Healthcare recently presented College of The Albemarle’s (COA) Foundation with $100,000 for Sentara Scholars.  Sentara is investing more than $3 million in Sentara Scholars to provide financial assistance to eligible students pursuing degrees or certifications in healthcare-related fields. Scholarships will be awarded throughout North Carolina and Virginia.

Sentara Healthcare has established an employment pipeline with COA and 19 other educational partners to provide job opportunities for graduates of the college’s healthcare programs. This partnership aims to address the shortage of healthcare workers in the region and provide students with a clear path to employment after graduation.  The funds given to COA for scholarships further strengthen Sentara’s commitment to providing quality healthcare to the communities they serve.

College of The Albemarle provides highly qualified, skillful healthcare workers throughout our service area and beyond.  “The support these funds will provide for our health science students is extremely important to help them be successful,” said Robin Harris, Dean of Health Sciences and Wellness Programs.  “Financial need and working too many hours outside of classes often impact students’ time and energy to dedicate to their rigorous studies and preparation for clinical learning experiences. Unexpected life events and the stress associated with them can also impact their ability to focus on their studies. This wonderful gift will help us give support, providing students in need the best opportunity to learn and become the highly skilled health practitioners needed for our communities.”

The scholarship funds are designated for direct tuition assistance, with up to twenty percent available for emergency use.  Eligibility considerations include but are not limited to students who must be in-state residents enrolled in a healthcare or healthcare-related undergraduate or professional degree or certificate program.

“College of The Albemarle is extremely appreciative of these scholarship funds that will support so many seeking a degree, diploma, or certification in a healthcare-related field,” said COA President Dr. Jack Bagwell. “We are committed to helping students realize their dreams, providing them with better skills, leading to better jobs.   Partnerships with employers such as Sentara Healthcare ensures educational and workforce opportunities are available for everyone, making our communities economically stronger and great places to live.”