2023 hurricane season begins today; Tips and resources offered by Generac Power Systems

2023 hurricane season begins today; Tips and resources offered by Generac Power Systems

As the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season begins today, a leader in backup power is offering beneficial tips and resources on how you can stay ahead of the game this storm season.

Generac Power Systems, a leading global designer, manufacturer and provider of energy technology solutions and other power products, is encouraging homeowners and businesses on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts to begin preparing now for this year’s hurricane season. A number of storms are anticipated to impact and disrupt power to millions o
f Americans, making early preparation critical.

Colorado State University recently released its annual forecast for the 2023 hurricane season, which predicts 13 named storms and six hurricanes, including two major hurricanes. This is slightly down from the annual average. However, the report also notes a high level of uncertainty in this year’s forecast, indicating a strong possibility that this year’s hurricane season could become much busier than is currently predicted.

“With such high levels of uncertainty surrounding this year’s hurricane season, homeowners and business owners need to do everything they can to prepare now,” said Kyle Raabe, president of Consumer Power for Generac. “Making a plan ahead of time that includes a source of backup power is an important step to ensure you and your loved ones remain safe and comfortable in the event of a strong storm.”

Generac offers several resources to help homeowners prepare for severe storms and long outages, including the annual Hurricane Preparedness Guide, a free and simple tool to guide homeowners through the storm season, and Power Outage Central, a free tracker that provides up-to-the minute outage information nationwide. Given the seasonal outlook, Generac is urging residents in storm-prone areas to make simple, actionable plans with steps to be prepared before, during, and after a major storm.

Following are tips to help manage storm season, and you can download Generac’s full Hurricane Preparedness Guide on their website listed below.

Before the Storm:

●  Turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting.

●  Fill bathtubs and large containers with water for sanitation purposes.

●  Charge cell phones.

During the Storm:

●  If evacuating, listen to orders at least twice to determine driving directions. Secure your home by unplugging appliances, turning off water at the main valve and deactivating electricity at the breaker box, and drive directly to your designated evacuation spot, sticking to evacuation routes.

●  If sheltering in place, take shelter in the safest room in the residence. Save your cell phone battery as much as possible in case the power goes out and unplug all outlets in the event of an outage to reduce the chance of power surge-related damage when power returns. Monitor for updates via radio or television and be prepared to evacuate if the home is damaged or an emergency official gives the order.

After the Storm:

●  Stay alert for potential damage and dangers that may arise after a storm. Subsequent rain can cause flooding after a hurricane has ended.

●  Do not return from an evacuation unless given permission by local authorities.

●  If there is severe damage to the home, or if you suspect a gas leak, leave immediately and contact local officials.

To learn more about Generac’s complete line of home standby generators and solar energy storage systems, visit www.generac.com.