Democrats in Rep. Kidwell’s district demand his resignation after recent actions, statements

Democrats in Rep. Kidwell’s district demand his resignation after recent actions, statements

All four Democratic Parties in NC House District 79 have unanimously passed a resolution calling for the immediate resignation of Rep. Keith Kidwell. The resolution is in response to Kidwell’s recent deplorable actions and statements, which have drawn widespread condemnation for their derogatory nature. Kidwell’s behavior on the floor of the state house violates  the decorum expected within the House of Representatives. The Democratic Parties of Dare, Hyde, Beaufort, and Pamlico Counties are united in calling for Rep. Kidwell’s immediate resignation and have jointly issued this resolution.

Rep. Kidwell was forced to resign as Deputy Whip by the Republican Leadership after making derogatory and inappropriate remarks to Rep. Diamond Staton-Williams. Rep. Staton-Williams was sharing her personal account of receiving an abortion as a part of reproductive  healthcare during the  debate over the override of Governor Cooper’s Veto. Rep. Kidwell suggested  she  was affiliated with the “Church of Satan.”  Robert Reives, a top House Democratic leader, emphasized that certain types of conduct have no place within the institution and that respect for both the institution and each other is paramount.

Of equal cause for concern is Rep. Kidwell’s apparent membership in the Oath Keepers, a right-wing militia group associated with the seditious conspiracy that resulted in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Such association raises concerns regarding his judgment,  allegiance to the Constitution and fitness to serve our democratic institutions.

Dare County Democratic Party Chair Susan Sawin commented:  “Rep. Kidwell’s recent behavior and statements do not reflect the core values of our district and it is time for him to step down. Our community demands a representative who upholds integrity, respect, and the principles we hold dear. He is unfit to serve.”

Copies of this resolution will be transmitted to Rep. Kidwell, the Speaker of the House, the Minority Leader, and all members of the House of Representatives. A citizen’s petition is online PETITION for anyone wishing to voice their opinion.