LWV of Dare County present awards to essay contest winners

LWV of Dare County present awards to essay contest winners

Congratulations to the League of Women Voters of Dare County (LWV) senior essay contest winners for their impactful entries on “Why I Vote.” Both participants were recognized at the League of Women Voters annual meeting at Duck Woods Country Club on Thursday, June 1.

First place and the $300 prize went to Chloe Wienert of First Flight High School. Second place and a $200 prize went to Malia Speedy of Cape Hatteras Secondary School.

Both winners were awarded their checks at the annual meeting and acknowledged at each of their individual high school award ceremonies. Courtney Gallop presented Chloe with her certificate at First Flight High School on April 25, and Marion Midgett presented a certificate to Malia at Cape Hatteras Secondary School on May 23.

LWV of Dare County announced an essay contest for all Dare County high school seniors in March 2023 and in honor of Women’s History Month. The topic was “Why Should I Vote?” 

In addition to submitting essays that contained moving quotes, historical events, and stories of the struggle and right to vote, both contestants demonstrated expertise in organizing and citing their papers. 

Chloe closed her essay with these words: “I will vote to leave a legacy and use my influence to attempt to create a better world for those who come after me. To perceive voting as a chore is a shallow outlook. Voting exposes the relevant problems in our society and promotes change. It gives individuals a voice to speak about the issues that face them, and it provides representation for every one of us.”

Malia relays this important information: “Quality of education is also a factor impacted by who our chosen government leaders are. Public education is so important in our society as it provides children with the resources needed to free themselves from the shackles of poverty they may have been born into, giving every child an equal chance to survive in such an economy-based world. When governmental positions are given it decides if public schooling will be supplied with adequate funding for a truly beneficial school career for the children. This decision also determines the teaching abilities of the teachers hired, as well as the different learning materials they are able to provide – such as science, labs, field trips, and other beneficial school events – dictating how their school experience goes. Without proper funding, some schools are not able to offer specialized classes for disabled children, or especially talented ones. This skews the full potential of the children’s school experience – which the students have absolutely no control over – compared to one where their needs are being better met.” 

We applaud the beautiful and powerful words and impact these students contributed! These exceptional students were also awarded free membership in the LWV of Dare County, as all students 16 years and older are eligible for membership free of charge. Please join us in honoring them.

LWV of Dare County is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that supports an informed, active, and healthy community that participates in all facets of voting and citizen participation in a free and open democracy. All genders welcome! To learn more, visit: www.lwvdarenc.org / Facebook: League of Women Voters of Dare County / Instagram: @LWVDARECOUNTY