World Record golf tour comes to the Outer Banks – OBX Today

World Record golf tour comes to the Outer Banks - OBX Today
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Playing 500 golf courses in 365 days is no small feat, but that’s what Patrick Koenig has set out to do on his RGV Tour 2.0, which is scheduled to have four of those games right here along the Outer Banks.

In 2018, Patrick embarked on a golf journey that changed his life. He purchased an RV and turned it into an RGV (recreational golf vehicle) and toured the country, playing golf with 793 people on 405 golf courses across 48 states and raising over $20k for The First Tee.

From that journey comes The RGV Tour 2.0. This time, Patrick is planning an attempt to set a world record for 500 golf courses in a single year.

Jonathan and Cathie Weaver currently hold the record at 449 different 18 hole golf courses played in 365 days. But after 13 years, it is time for them to be dethroned.

Given the region’s many historical firsts like the Lost Colony and Wright Brothers flights, the Outer Banks is a natural destination for this epic feat as he approaches 300 courses already played in 2023.

Provided below is Koenig’s OBX golf schedule:

  • June 18: Nags Head Golf Links at 8:00 am
  • June 18: The Pointe Golf Club at 2:36 pm
  • June 19: Kilmarlic Golf Club at 8:12 am
  • June 19: Carolina Club at 1:20 pm

To learn more about the RGV Tour 2.0, click here.