Dare County Sheriff’s Office warns of recent phone scam – OBX Today

Dare County Sheriff's Office warns of recent phone scam - OBX Today

The Dare County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning regarding a recent phone scam in which individuals referring to themselves as the “Sheriff’s Office & Sheriff’s Office Civil Division” are telling those called that they have missed court, owe money, have a warrant, or various other reason.

The Sheriff’s Office says they will get you on the line and tell you how you can purge yourself by paying an amount of money. At some point they will ask you to pay money.

If they give you a number to call back, you may get an answering machine which answers as the Sheriff’s Office and it gives you options which sounds to be an official call, but it is not.

The Dare County Sheriff’s Office encourages individuals to tell their friends or family members that this is occurring and hopefully people will not be drawn into this ploy and lose their money.

The Sheriff’s Office also notes that they will never ask for money over the phone.