2024 Albemarle Area Livestock Show and Sale dates announced – OBX Today

2024 Albemarle Area Livestock Show and Sale dates announced - OBX Today

Currituck County 4-H offers an array of animal science projects; everything from poultry, to horse, to livestock. These projects offer youth the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in animal care, health, and nutrition.  More importantly, youth learn compassion and responsibility for living things, perseverance, decision making, initiative, detail, organization, effective communications and record keeping.

Our livestock program starts in December and finishes at the end of April with the Albemarle Livestock Show and Sale. This program is for youth ages 5 (and in kindergarten) to 18 and  enrolled but not having graduated from high school.  The species available for Currituck youth  to show are Steer, Heifer, Lamb, Goat, and Hog. These animals are market animals that youth purchase from a farmer/breeder.  They will train these animals to walk, stand, and be judged. The dates of the Albemarle Area 4-H Livestock Show and Sale will be April 23rd and 24th, 2024.  Show times will be Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning and  the auction will be held on Wednesday evening. All animals except for heifers will participate in the auction. 

There are some key dates and  deadlines that have to be met:.  

  • Register with our office by November 21st, if you want the Currituck County staff to help you find your animal. To do that please call Stephanie Minton at 252-232-2262.  
  • If you plan on showing steer, you will need to have these animals in your possession by December 31st.  (tagged by January 10th)
  • Every participant must complete an online registration form and must complete the 4-H online registration by February 28th.  
  • If you are showing a lamb, goat, or hog, you will need to have these animals in your possession by March 1st. (tagged by March 15th). 
  • A registration fee of $20 (payable to Albemarle Area 4-H Livestock Show) is required to be paid by January 31, 2024 for all youth planning to show a Heifer. Heifers must be born between April 30, 2022 to October 31,2023. 

There are opportunities outside of the Albemarle Area 4-H Show that will help you increase your knowledge of showing and training your animal.  Currituck County 4-H will also host livestock workshops to help youth prepare for the spring.  Dates and times will be announced at a later date. 

If you have any questions about this or other 4-H programs or if you need accommodations for persons with disabilities please contact Stephanie Minton at (252) 232-2262 or by email at stephanie_minton@ncsu.edu no later than 10 business days prior to class.