Gallop’s second ‘Dialogue With A Director’ to be held January 31 – OBX Today

Gallop's second 'Dialogue With A Director' to be held January 31 - OBX Today

The second “Dialogue With A Director” will be held at the Baum Center Wednesday January 31 2024 from 1 pm to 2 pm. The title of the program is “You CAN Go Home Again: Domestic and International Shipping of Human Remains.” 

The regularly scheduled sessions (which started in October) feature guest speaker and funeral director, Courtney N. Gallop of Gallop Funeral Services, Inc. Courtney N. Gallop is the founder of Gallop Funeral Services, Inc. and Capital Crematory of East Lake and has been a licensed funeral professional for nearly 30 years. 

Each session will feature an open mike format where attendees may pose questions directly to the funeral professional about a wide range of issues related to death care in the Outer Banks Community. Examples of upcoming topics include obituary writing, paying for funerals, military honors, advance planning, green burials and other alternatives, body donation, the documents of death care, and other topics of practical and educational interest.

According to Gallop, the “Dialogue With A Director” series will be an open, informal, fun, and informative opportunity to explore issues around burial and cremation.  “All those questions that keep you up at night can be asked and professional answers will be designed make you think well before the need for care arises.”

Each session will include refreshments and door prizes for guests during each session.  The THIRD DIALOGUE will be held Wednesday January 31, 2024 from 1 pm to 2 pm at the Baum Center. The sessions are open and free of charge. 

Fourth Session Topic: “How Do I Pay For This?- Options for Covering Funeral Expenses.”