Proctor named February 2024 Dare County Employee of the Month – OBX Today

Proctor named February 2024 Dare County Employee of the Month - OBX Today
Image of February 2024 Employee of the Month award recipient Eileen Proctor.

Eileen Proctor, who serves as an administrative technician for the Dare County Sheriff’s Office 911 Communications Center, has been named Dare County Employee of the Month for February 2024. The award was presented to Proctor by 911 Communications Center Director Jack Scarborough during the Dare County Board of Commissioners meeting that was held at 9 a.m. on Monday, February 5, 2024.

Proctor began her service to Dare County on March 18, 2013 and serves as the central point of all administrative tasks for the 911 Communications Center, which operates out of the Dare County Emergency Operations Center in Manteo and provides services for Dare County, Tyrrell County and Hyde County.

In her role as an administrative technician for the 911 Communications Center, Proctor is tasked with a variety of essential responsibilities that include grading 911 calls, setting up employee trainings and tracking extensive training requirements, managing and maintaining records of employee hours, compiling informational new hire notebooks, ordering supplies and ensuring the general operations of the 911 Communications Center run smoothly for its 30-plus employees.

Image of Dare County 911 Communications Center Director Jack Scarborough presenting the award to 911 Communications Center Administrative Technician Eileen Proctor.

“She’s helped me tremendously,” said Scarborough. “She’s absolutely irreplaceable. I can’t thank her [enough] for everything she does.”

During his presentation, Scarborough praised Proctor for the positive attitude and upbeat demeanor she exhibits regardless of any external circumstances, and he also noted the ripple effect her cheerful disposition has on all of her colleagues working within the 911 Communications Center.

“Every single morning—no matter how bad her day is—I walk through the door and she says, ‘Good morning!’ Every single day—no matter how bad it is—it’s always ‘Good morning!’ and I really appreciate it, and so does everybody else,” he said.

Scarborough’s sentiments were also echoed by several of Proctor’s colleagues who submitted nomination forms recommending that she receive the prestigious honor of being named Dare County Employee of the Month, one of whom referred to her as being “the glue that holds this division together!”

Image of Eileen Proctor standing with her family.

Another colleague commented on the integral role Proctor plays in maintaining the day-to-day functions of the 911 Communications Center, writing: “We would all be lost without Eileen. She keeps track of all of our training requirements, and they are extensive. She takes care of all of our time entry and makes sure the operations of the office run smoothly. Eileen is always available as a confidant with a listening ear and offers advice when needed. Eileen goes above and beyond for Dare County, and we are blessed to have her on our team!”

In addition to noting that she always performs the administrative duties she is tasked with on a daily basis with a smile on her face, Proctor’s colleagues also highlighted the fact that she routinely goes above and beyond the expectations of her position—and that she genuinely cares about her fellow employees and the impact her efforts have on the entire department.

“Eileen always walks in every morning with a smile and cheerful demeanor,” another of her colleagues wrote in their nomination form. “She is the person we all go to when something needs to be done. She is quick to offer help in any area needed and is always a positive influence on those around her. Eileen is dedicated to making the load lighter for others and is such an asset to our office. We hope she is awarded Employee of the Month because, for us, she’s that employee every single day.”

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