Dare Challenge Campus expansion project is underway – OBX Today

Dare Challenge Campus expansion project is underway - OBX Today
(Courtesy Dare Challenge)

The Dare Challenge Campus Expansion Project has officially kicked off, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! With the delivery of the materials, construction crews are gearing up to transform our campus to accommodate more students than ever before. This expansion will allow us to increase our capacity from 15 students to over 40, enabling us to serve and support a larger number of individuals in need.

In our continuous efforts to provide valuable opportunities for our students, we have partnered with Dare County through the Dare Board of Commissioners. This partnership allows our work teams to learn essential skills that will benefit them in their future careers. By addressing work-related issues in the county on a daily basis, our students are gaining practical experience while making a positive impact within the Dare County community.

This year, we are proud to announce a significant milestone in our mission to invest in our students’ futures. We have established a partnership with the esteemed College of the Albemarle (COA) to offer our students a unique scholarship program. Through this program, our students will have the opportunity to pursue a degree or certification in their chosen vocational field at COA. This collaboration will open doors to a wide range of educational and career possibilities, empowering our students to achieve their dreams.

To further support our students’ educational journey, we are thrilled to introduce an on-site GED lab on our campus. This lab will provide all our students with the opportunity to obtain their high school diploma, regardless of their previous educational background. We believe that education is a powerful tool, and by offering this resource, we are ensuring that our students have every chance to succeed in their chosen paths.

Incredibly, we already have a success story to share! Rocco Kasmark, one of our dedicated participants at Dare Challenge, has successfully enrolled in the automotive technology program through our partnership with COA and RD Sawyer Motor Company. Rocco graduated as a student of Dare Challenge on April 16, 2023, and went on to complete his internship with us. Today, he is a valued member of our staff, dividing his time between the Dare Challenge Thrift store and teaching/mentoring new students. Rocco’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of Dare Challenge, and we couldn’t be prouder of his achievements.

We are fully committed to expanding our partnerships to provide an even stronger path for all our graduates. By forging these alliances, we aim to not only shape the futures of our students but also contribute to the betterment of our community in the present and the years to come.

The Dare Challenge Campus Expansion Project marks an exciting chapter in our organization’s history. We are grateful for the support of Dare County and the Dare Board of Commissioners, as well as our new partnership with College of the Albemarle. Together, we will continue to empower individuals, transform lives, and build a brighter future for all. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress as we embark on this incredible journey of growth and opportunity.