Town of Kill Devil Hills seek water service line survey participants – OBX Today

Town of Kill Devil Hills seek water service line survey participants - OBX Today
(Town of Kill Devil Hills)

In an effort to identify potential sources of lead in public drinking water systems, the Environmental Protection Agency is requiring that all public water systems across the U.S. to document the materials of every water service line connected to the water system. This includes the water system-owned service lines from the water main to the meter and the customer-owned water service lines from the meter to the house or building.

The Town of Kill Devil Hills has predominately plastic tubing water service lines and has some older homes with copper water service lines. While the Town can document that service lines are either plastic or copper, we still are required to document the customer-owned portion of the service lines and their material makeup. This is the line that runs from the water meter at the property line into the home or business. The most common customer-side service line material is PVC, but some older homes may have copper, galvanized steel, or potentially lead if the home was built before 1988.

Please help us by completing the short survey with as much information as you can. If you’re unsure, that’s okay, let us know that too! Any customer-owned lines we are unable to identify the material of will have to be categorized as ‘unknown-unlikely lead’ or ‘unknown-likely lead’ on the survey based on the age of the home.

Please help us by completing the short survey, before September 1, 2024. If you own, lease, or manage multiple properties in Kill Devil Hills, please complete one survey for each property. Your input is important and we thank you for your time!

Customer-owner water service line material can be identified by locating where the service line enters the building typically near the main shut-off valve or by locating the service line just downstream of the meter between the meter and the building.