Currituck native serves with U.S. Navy in Japan – OBX Today

Currituck native serves with U.S. Navy in Japan - OBX Today
Petty Officer 1st Class Chance Spicer. (Courtesy Navy Office of Community Outreach)

By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Andrew Hanchar, Navy Office of Community Outreach

Petty Officer 1st Class Chance Spicer, a native of Currituck, North Carolina, serves the U.S. Navy in Japan. Spicer graduated from Currituck County High School in 2015.
The skills and values needed to succeed in the Navy are similar to those found in Currituck.
“I was in ROTC in high school which helped prepare me for military structure and life,” said Spicer.
Spicer joined the Navy eight years ago. Today, Spicer serves as a fire controlman .
“I joined the Navy to get out of my small hometown and challenge myself,” said Spicer.
According to Navy officials, Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka empowers forward-deployed U.S. and Allied Forces while providing superior support to military members and their families.
Spicer serves in Japan as part of the Forward Deployed Naval Forces. These naval forces operate with allies and partners to preserve a free and open Indo-Pacific region. Service members in this region are part of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, which has the largest area of responsibility in the world.
With 90 percent of global commerce traveling by sea and access to the internet relying on the security of undersea fiber optic cables, Navy officials continue to emphasize that the prosperity of the United States is directly linked to recruiting and retaining talented people from across the rich fabric of America.
“We will earn and reinforce the trust and confidence of the American people every day,” said Adm. Lisa Franchetti, chief of naval operations. “Together we will deliver the Navy the nation needs.”
Spicer has many opportunities to achieve accomplishments during military service.
“I am most proud of the opportunities awarded to me from the Navy,” said Spicer. “The Navy has provided me with a safe and secure career which has allowed me to grow as a financially independent man and sailor.”
Spicer can take pride in serving America through military service.
“Serving in the Navy fulfills me and provides me the opportunities to go out and protect those around the world,” said Spicer. “We in the military provide peace through strength in every corner of the world.”
Spicer is grateful to others for helping make a Navy career possible.
“I would like to thank every sailor who I have met along my journey who has helped me succeed and become the sailor I am today,” added Spicer.
“The Navy allows you to meet people from across the globe and gives you a sense of belonging among your fellow sailors,” added Spicer