200+ in attendance for Kitty Hawk Kites 50th anniversary celebration – OBX Today

200+ in attendance for Kitty Hawk Kites 50th anniversary celebration - OBX Today
It was all smiles at the 50th anniversary celebration of Kitty Hawk Kites. (Submitted)

Kitty Hawk Kites proudly celebrated their 50th anniversary at Jennette’s Pier alongside Life is Good co-founder, John Jacobs. With an estimated 225 people in attendance, there were good vibes and constant laughs being spread throughout the space.

John Harris, founder and owner of Kitty Hawk Kites started the celebration focusing on how this notorious company started, and how it has grown tremendously over the past 50 years. Harris noted infamous moments in the business’ history, like the tie of Kitty Hawk Kites and Rogallo Foundation– and leaps and bounds the nonprofit has grown due to this partnership.

From his familial support with his wife, Sandra, to those in the local community always showing up for Kitty Hawk Kites. More information about the 50-year story can be found on this blog post.

Co-Founder of Life is Good John Jacobs followed up with an exhilarating talk about how business and fun can be tied together for great success. Going through the history of the Life is Good company, John Jacobs discussed the hardships of starting a company and moving from college dormitory to dormitory in his and his brother’s van, to making the company’s first regularly scheduled t-shirt sales. Throughout the growth of the company – Jacobs discussed how stories of customers inspired the company to give back, and eventually create the Playmaker Project – a nonprofit focused on harboring positive relationships with underprivileged children and be the change our world needs.

Jacobs also discussed how individuals can make small changes in everyday life to better our outlooks and have an overall more positive experience with living life to the fullest.