Celebrating the 52nd annual Hang-Gliding Spectacular, Rogallo Hall of Fame inductees – OBX Today

Celebrating the 52nd annual Hang-Gliding Spectacular, Rogallo Hall of Fame inductees - OBX Today
(Courtesy Kitty Hawk Kites)
Kitty Hawk Kites Hang Gliding School hosted over 36 competitors in this year’s Hang-Gliding Spectacular. With two portions focusing on Aero-tow and Dune Hang-Gliding; the competition was fierce and fun all around. After the competition, there were three inductees into the Rogallo Hall of Fame, followed by the Hang-Gliding Spectacular Awards.

Professional hang gliders, fans, and families attend this Kitty Hawk Flight School tradition. The Hang-Gliding Spectacular is the longest-running hang gliding competition in the world! We celebrated the 52nd consecutive year of this event.

Kitty Hawk Kites invites pilots from all over the country to come fly with us for this four-day event at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head, NC, and the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg, NC. We had gliders from Wills Wing and Moyes for demos.

Congratulations to the close to 50 pilots who were able to compete this weekend! For final scoring, the placements went as follows. In the Aero-Tow Competition, 1st Place went to Shane Moreland, 2nd to Dalton Burkhalter, and 3rd to Andy Thompson. In the Dune Advanced Category, 1st Place went to Mike Pattishall, 2nd to Andy Thompson, and 3rd to Billy Vaughn.

Finally in the Dune Novice Category, 1st Place went to Allison Livengood, 2nd to Austin Koontz, and 3rd to Braden Yundak-Moran. Honorable mentions include the Bowling Pin Award to Wolf Gaddis, the Rogallo Ring Grab to Alex Jones, and the Turtle Award to Dalton Burkhalter. More information regarding scoring and other placements can be found here.

People from around the globe have made important and lasting contributions to the development of sports that the Rogallo wing has influenced. As time moves further from the early years, the value of individual contributions can recede in memory. The Rogallo Foundations Hall of Fame offers the opportunity to permanently recognize those who have improved the sport. The program also recognizes current-day advances. The Hall of Fame is updated and announced annually following the Hang-Gliding Spectacular hosted by Kitty Hawk Kites’ Hang-Gliding School and will be housed in the Rogallo Museum. Join the Foundation in extending honors and awards to deserving individuals who have built upon Rogallo’s gift to the world of the flex wing invention.
On the first day of the competition, the Aero-Tow had beautiful sunshine and 14 mph winds, we had great flights that lasted over 40 minutes and several miles! In the following days, the dune portion of the competition held with might through changes in wind and weather. In seven rounds we saw fantastic flight, pin knocking, and Rogallo Ring grabbing galore!
Hall of Fame Inductees & Speeches

David Barish: The late David Barish, sometimes referred to as the inventor of paragliding, was introduced into the Rogallo Foundation Hall of Fame by board member Bruce Weaver. Bruce spoke about the humble nature and ambitious soul of David, which has helped him to start and grow paragliding into what it is today.

Paul Voight: Long-time leading member of USHPA, spoke on his journey into Hang Gliding. Dating back to 1972 when he met John Harris sitting in a lawn chair offering $25 Hang Gliding lessons at Jockeys Ridge State Park. Since then, Paul was hooked, and enjoyed it so much he took an active role in teaching the world to fly and introducing many safety training standards that are used by hang gliding pilots all over the world.
Peter Brock: Peter Brock, Founder of UP Hang-Gliding company and world-famous automobile designer, shared his perspective on the growth of the hang-gliding community and the importance of the relationships that are built along the way. Through all his worldly success, coming back to the Outer Banks and seeing the spirit of the hang-gliding community grow brings him much joy and pride, as he humbly joined the Rogallo Foundation Hall of Fame.