NCDOT seeks public input regarding 2026-2035 State Transportation Improvement Program development – OBX Today

NCDOT seeks public input regarding 2026-2035 State Transportation Improvement Program development - OBX Today

The N.C. Department of Transportation is inviting the public to provide feedback on the quantitative scores and preliminary local input points assignments for the transportation projects for the upcoming 2026-2035 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The STIP is developed under the Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) law, which established the Strategic Mobility Formula.

As part of this effort, NCDOT is hosting 14 regional outreach sessions (flier) across the state between June 18 and July 10 to gather input on the locally identified priorities and points assignment methodologies. These sessions will help shape the Draft STIP due next year. You can find a short video about this outreach effort at: Feel free to share this link.

If you are unable to attend a session in person, you can view and show your support for projects, as well as submit your comments electronically via MetroQuest at The site is now live. MetroQuest is an interactive public input tool that allows you to choose your priorities and express your concerns. All comments, no matter how they are submitted, carry the same weight. All information along with links to the MetroQuest site can be found at NCDOT: 2026-2035 STIP Development.

Please note: Due to the amount of data on the survey map, the survey can only be accessed​ on a desktop computer or tablet​. 

Public feedback is crucial to the development of North Carolina’s transportation network. Your participation ensures that the STIP reflects the needs and priorities of our communities. Please share this information with your constituents, members, and/or staff to maximize public outreach. The public comment period will run from June 17 – July 17, 2024.

Next Steps:

After NCDOT releases the regional project scores later this summer, we will prioritize division-level projects. Once all project scores are finalized, the highest-scoring projects will be programmed based on available funding and other factors such as the completion of environmental studies, engineering plans, corridor spending caps, and federal and state funding restrictions. This information will be used to create the 2026-2035 STIP.

Accessibility and Special Services:

NCDOT will provide auxiliary aids and services under the Americans with Disabilities Act for disabled persons who want to participate. Anyone requiring special services can contact Ronald Coleman at or 919-707-7050 to make arrangements.

Interpretive services are available upon request for persons who do not speak English or have a limited ability to read, speak, or understand English. Requests can be made by calling 1-800-481-6494.

Aquellas personas que hablan español y no hablan inglés, o tienen limitaciones para leer, hablar o entender inglés, podrían recibir servicios de interpretación si los solicitan antes de la reunión llamando al 1-800-481-6494.

For more information on the STIP development, please visit our website at NCDOT: State Transportation Improvement Program.

Thank you for your involvement and commitment to improving our transportation infrastructure.