Rally in Nags Head culminates with call to action for upcoming elections – OBX Today

Rally in Nags Head culminates with call to action for upcoming elections - OBX Today

The Hear Us Roar in ‘24 rally in Nags Head concluded on a powerful note as nearly 100 participants gathered at Dowdy Park to advocate for women’s reproductive rights on the eve of the two-year anniversary of the Dobbs decision reversing a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion. Despite a heat advisory, attendees were energized, displaying handmade signs and engaging in spirited chants.

Organized by local activists and sponsored by the Dare County Democratic Party, Democratic Women of Dare, and Indivisible/OBX, the event featured inspiring speeches and calls to action from an array of candidates for state office, reproductive rights advocates, and community leaders. 

Susan Harman-Scott, Dare County attorney and candidate for NC Senate, described the current status of abortion rights in North Carolina, a 12-week restriction, and predicted that further severely restrictive legislation was likely depending on the outcome of the November elections.

“Voters must advocate to retain reproductive rights. In addition to abortion health care, we must ensure that access to contraception and IVF is not limited, because they are also being targeted,” she warned.

Janice Robinson, NC Program Director of Red Wine and Blue, and Susan Sawin, Dare County Democratic Party Chair, delivered compelling closing remarks, urging rally-goers to mobilize ahead of the elections.

“This rally is just the beginning,” emphasized Robinson. “We must channel our passion into action by mobilizing and voting for candidates who prioritize women’s rights and healthcare access.”

Sawin echoed Robinson’s sentiments, stating, “Our voices matter at the ballot box. Let’s ensure our elected officials reflect our values and fight for reproductive justice.”

The rally provided a platform for attendees to voice their opposition to the Dobbs ruling overturning Roe v. Wade and underscored the importance of protecting women’s reproductive freedoms. As the November elections approach, organizers and participants alike are energized to continue their advocacy efforts by mobilizing voters to turn out in support of candidates who prioritize women’s issues.