The Outer Banks Promise encourages public to ‘Make a Promise, Protect the Place’ – OBX Today

The Outer Banks Promise encourages public to ‘Make a Promise, Protect the Place’ - OBX Today
Karen Bachman, a member of the Outer Banks community, discovered the impact of a destination pledge while visiting Sedona, AZ and was instrumental in inspiring The Outer Banks Promise. (Outer Banks Visitors Bureau)

The Dare County Tourism Board (DCTB) Special Committee, tasked with implementing the strategic recommendations of the the Outer Banks Long-Range Tourism Management Plan (LRTMP), is pleased to introduce the The Outer Banks Promise, a destination pledge that encourages responsible behavior with the intent of protecting and preserving the vitality of the community for generations to come.

Containing seven core messages that are rooted in kindness, responsibility, respect and safety, The Outer Banks Promise is designed to inspire awareness and action, drawing attention to what makes this place special, as well as exposing its vulnerability. There is also an opportunity for individuals to insert their own unique perspective on how they will protect the Outer Banks.

The Outer Banks is an amazing natural wonder that has been the source of historic achievements and supported a special way of life for generations. Let’s keep it that way and do our part. Look out for one another, be aware and prepared for any situation and work together to protect this place that we love. So let’s promise to:

  1. Discover this land of history and inspiration with a spirit of kindness and appreciation.
  2. Turn “what ifs” into “let’s be prepared.”
  3. Pack it in, pack it out. Leave no trace.
  4. Wander with wonder, sticking to roads and paths.
  5. Love the beach, respect the ocean.
  6. Be a wildlife star, observing animals safely from afar.
  7. Support local. Small acts have big impacts.

Visit to make your promise online. You can also download an “I Promise To” card and share how you will help protect the Outer Banks by uploading a photo on social media with #OBXPromise. Visitors will also have an opportunity to show their support at the four Welcome Centers in Dare County throughout the year.

Interested in learning even more? View the embedded video below!