Sand Driving Tips for the Currituck Outer Banks

 A Facebook group called Corolla Beach Idiots has been known to spotlight certain avoidable situations on their page. Remember, a few helpful hints if you plan to motor through the Carova area.
1. Just because your car has four wheels doesn’t mean it has four wheel drive.
2. All Wheel Drive isn’t the same as four wheel drive.
3. Air down your tires before driving on the beach.
4. It will probably cost you money to get un-stuck.
5. If you are driving please keep your speed reasonable.
6. Watch out for pedestrians.
7. Watch out for horses.
8. Don’t feed the horses.
9. Don’t assume it’s a shallow puddle.
10. And for everything else- if someone very familiar with the area offers you friendly advice- take it -don’t be “That Guy” who ends up being discussed for all the wrong reasons.