Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Math’s Origins Run Deep

Who hasn’t been to the grocery store and saw where 6 rolls of paper towels actually equal 10? The same game is played with toilet paper. But where did all this funny math begin? I think it began with pancakes. I can recall as a child when I would complain to my Dad about the quantity of pancakes prepared for the family Breakfast, he would plead, “The box said I fixed plenty.”
It appears the same deceptive pancake projections are still being implemented. On Sunday, I used (according to the box) enough mix and water to cook 18 to 27 pancakes. I only got 9 flapjacks for my effort. And these were not large pancakes. If any politician claims they will work to abolish Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, and Pancake Math, they will probably get my vote.